About Us

The Bermes family has been growing wine and cultivating land since 1860. At our core is passion and drive to search for new product alternatives, new cultivation methods and new technology to create the best wine possible. Since the early 1930’s we have been the pioneers of the use of machinery. From the very early cultivation of sunflowers to the mechanization of grape harvesting in the 1980s, we have recognized the value of staying ahead of technology as it pertains to cultivation. In 1999, we transitioned from viticulture to organic farming, a logical step to meet the growing demand for organic goods and our pursuit of being leaders in our industry. During this time, the idea of growing Chokeberry was born.

After planting a test area of 6 hectares in 2016, we switched completely from classic arable farming to organic farming. With success at hand, we expanded our test to inclu- de 100 hectares of Chokeberry cultivation. Chokeberry was grown and produced into an innovative product. With testing, sampling, research and more, we were excited and amazed at the incredible health benefits this juice provides. Most recently, we have decided by building our own Chokeberry brand to supply beyond Germany! More and more people around the world have health problems, e.g. high blood preasure, diabetes or are overweight. Let’s enjoy our Chokeberry juice!

Warm regards from Germany,
Carlo Bermes.