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Chokeberry+ Raw Aronia Juice - 1 x 500ml

Chokeberry+ Raw Aronia Juice - 1 x 500ml

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The highest potency Aronia Juice in a single 500ml (16.9oz) bottle.

1 x 500ml Bottle = 10 Daily Doses

Ingredients: 100% organic aronia juice (no added sugar, no preservatives).

Only Chokeberry+ features the full potency of the Aronia Berry from 100% raw, first-press mother juice / 100% organic / covers 150% of the daily requirement of vitamin C / gluten free / no genetically modified organisms / natural immune system booster / the most powerful antioxidant of all berry juices.

Grown, processed & bottled organically in Germany.

(Recommended daily dose 50ml)

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